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As we have done in the past, we will continue to offer alternative conferencing methods ie video conferencing, skype or telephone conferences. Reviewing of all documentation provided to us prior to any initial conference will be all inclusive of our set fee. Do not hesitate to contact Shereen Da Gloria on (02) 9221 6011 should you have any concerns.


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Hi Dennis
Hope you are keeping well, wow we got!
Again I cannot thank you enough for all you have done.
Kind Regards


Dear Shereen

I would like to take the opportunity to highly commend Dennis Grant & his delightful colleague (Benny Amin) for an outstanding job they performed during my divorce proceedings.

Divorce is such a stressful time in anyone's life. I can't even begin to quantify the ways in which Dennis had made this process a little easier for me.

Dennis not only went out of his way to ensure I had the right details & information, he guided me through the legal processes & had a genuine interest in my divorce. Dennis is very knowledgeable & dedicated a significant amount of time assisting me. He did it with patience and empathy, which is a trait not many of us have.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dennis for all the care and concern he has shown me and for working tirelessly. I am also so grateful for his passion, dedication, professionalism & most of all his friendship during my long journey.

Dennis a unique asset to your firm, a wonderful example of team spirit and truly reflects the Watson & Watson Lawyer's values.

Thank you once again Dennis for the undivided attention that you so willingly afforded me. You are very much appreciated.



I would like to express my gratitude for your amazing work in my matter.
Thank you


Good morning Dennis I just want to say thank you again, for your patience, your measured calm personality and your professionalism whilst managing my case.


"Dear Dennis,
Thank you for your email with an excellent outcome and resolution.
Kind regards


"Please let Dennis know I pay this account with much gratitude - it’s the best money I have spent, he saved me from signing something that was not in my best interest . Love his work!"


"Dear Dennis I hope this finds you well.
I suppose you are aware that the settlement is through! After all the years it is really good to see my bank balance in the green and more so to be able to access it myself!
Thank you very much for working on my case, you did really well! Congratulations! I have never met you in person, and probably will never meet you, but I doubt I will ever forget you. May God bless you, your loved ones and your work and may your intentions be granted.
Kind regards"
TP of India


"Hi Richard
I would like to thank you for your and your team's assistance on my family matters over the last two years. I am very thankful to have you on my side through the difficult time. Your advices are valuable. Thanks for achieving the great outcomes on both parenting and property matters for me. It is greatly appreciated.
IL of Sydney


"Dear Dennis
I would like to take this time to sincerely thank you and Counsel for all of your excellent work and kind assistance for helping me in reaching a suitable settlement in our case on Wednesday. Your personal guidance, help and insight(s) aided me greatly in being able to work in reaching some difficult decisions.  
I am very grateful to you for your able guidance and support.
I appreciate your time and work to bring this case to a close. It was not possible without your guidance, support and expertise.
Please pass on my heartfelt “Thank you” to Counsel.
Also, my heartfelt thanks to Benny as well for all her support and for everything she did for my matter.
Again, my Heartfelt thanks and my best wishes to you and your law firm."
Kind Regards RS of Sydney


I’d like to thank you for today.  I will take it “inch by inch”
CB of Sydney


“Dear Dennis
I'm pleased to inform you that the house was sold this morning by auction.
I sincerely thank you for all your efforts over the past 2 years. Thank you, Dennis!"
TP of Sydney


“Dear Sir
I am grateful for all the work that Watson and Watson has done, in particular for Dennis Grant.
Thank you"
TP of Sydney


“Good Afternoon Dennis
I really would like to appreciate your time to appear in the Court yesterday for my matter and also the way you have handled my matter. I am happy with the outcome yesterday. I am also grateful to you for all your assistance and advice you have given to me whenever I needed it . You have always shown me the right direction. I really feel lucky to have you as my lawyer. I don’t have enough words to say thank you but I heartily appreciate everything you did for me.
Many thanks again!"

RS of Sydney


"Dear Jacqui
Many thanks again to all the staff of Watson and Watson and especially to Richard for your great service, support and kindness throughout this matter."

NS of Sydney


“Dear Dennis

Our family wish to thank you for your assistance over the past year. During that time you have demonstrated commitment as you dealt with all the details of our family law case. Your understanding was noticeable as you patiently progressed from one problem to another.

We extend to you our gratitude as we believe you to be a very special man with gifts that are visible in all aspects of your profession.

- JD of Sydney

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“Thanks to Dennis and the team for getting this through without going to court."
- MG of Sydney



"Hi Dennis and Benny. A huge Thank You. THANK YOU again for making this easy. A very happy client."
- LM of Sydney


"Dear Dennis and Benny. It is a great relief to be at this point after such a difficult year, and I thank you all at Watson and Watson most sincerely for all their help"
- DR of Sydney


"Thank you Shereen.
It was a pleasure dealing with you and your firm.
Thanks for everything, and best wishes to everyone there.
Kind Regards,"
- M.G, Sydney


"Thank you for excellent work!!"
- T.M, Sydney


"Dear Jacqui
Yes thank you !
Very reliable woman aren't you?"
- T.M, Sydney


"Thank you for all your legal support and advice. I appreciate all that you have done, your professionalism and hard work is to be admired. Best Wishes"
- J.M, Rose Bay


I came to a situation where I wanted to settlement the matter and my ex was telling me what was fair and what his lawyers was saying would be the outcome. I was prepared to accept that settlement to get out of the situation. However Watson & Watson helped me through the process. The initial problem was that my ex would provide no information and kept saying that I would get nothing. The process was simplified and the information was provided and thereafter resolution was achieved on a fair informed basis well in excess of the amount that had been previously offered. I am grateful to Watson & Watson.


"Thanks for all your work the other day, much appreciated."
- G.N, Sydney


"Hello Richard
Thank you for your time last week, my brother found it very helpful."
- R.K, Sydney


"Thank you for the telephone conversation. It gave me direction."
- T.M, Sydney


"Thanks again Richard, great advice as usual."
- B.P, Sydney


Many thanks for taking my call on Friday, your advice was very helpful.

- J.M, Abu Dhabi


"G’day Richard,
Thank you for the win at the Tribunal on Friday...it has helped me out a lot. I also like to thank Dave and Kim for their mountain of paperwork they had to go through just  to build the case."
- G.S, NSW


"It was lovely meeting you, thank you for taking on my case and providing much appreciated support”
- M.R, North Sydney


“Dear Richard,
Many thanks again for all your work on my family law matters & my will.
All the best,
- N.G, Sydney


"Thanks for yesterday, great advice and some more clarity in my mind on how we will be proceeding."
- P.B, Sydney


We wish to thank you for the efficiency you have displayed in the Conciliation Conference and for settling the matter for us."
- Holden Barlow Solicitors, Perth


"Thanks again for all your help. You've been an absolute delight to deal with."
-B.M, Sydney


"Thank you for your advice and taking my case in this matter. Peter has spoken so highly of you."
- S.Y, Sydney


"Wonderful news!
Thank you kindly for your great work, I am so very pleased and thrilled with the result.
My life is so much brighter and we can stay here in Australia.
All my family are grateful and so happy."
- L.S, Sydney


"I would also like to acknowledge all your expertise and hard work."
- P.L, Sydney


"Just to say a big thank you for today! I am delighted with the result."
- J.M, Eastern Suburbs


"I am writing to send my deepest thanks for yesterday's outcome. Your efforts in pressing the case have been nothing short of magnificent.

I have been (in part) of a mind set that defeat and rejection was to be my soul mate on this issue. But yesterday's fine transition from nothing to something is such an incredibley happy outcome. Your considered opinitions, general care and legwork, as a commmiteed and compassionate advocate will stick as a life long memory. I feel extremely fortunate and proud of what has been achieved.

I understand too, with the joy comes the responsibility. The message of dilligence is not lost and is branded into the forefront of my mind.

Yours in sincere thanks."
- D.G, Sydney


"Excellent! Progress. The ball is in your court. Congratulations."
- M.D, Sydney


"Thank you very much for you have done job for me!"
-S.L Parramatta


"I appreciate the professional assistance given."
- D.D, South West Suburbs


"You have been wonderful and worth every penny."
- P.H, Canada


"I'd just like to say a big thank you!
I appreciate your help and patience throughout."
- J.F, Eastern Suburbs


"I found myself in a difficult situation and was fortunate to engage Richard Watson of Watson & Watson. Richard helped explain the options and alternatives available to me and the likely outcomes having regard to all matters to be taken into account. Richard helped me come to a very satisfactory resolution of the matters and as a result I have been able to secure accommodation for myself and children in the local district in a relatively short period of time. In addition to the advice as to the various alternatives, options and likely outcomes I found Richard caring.

Throughout when things were difficult Richard was a steady influence so that I could achieve the optimum outcome for all concerned. I recommend Watson & Watson for any other person in similar circumstances. "

-S.J.G Cremorne


"Just would to wish you a very Merry Christmas. I will never forget your kindness and generosity - and strength at times I feel you worked with the mighty Lord - quite testifying!
I have so much gained from the experience in many ways."
Best Wishes and Many Regards,



"Hi Richard ,
This is just a brief note of thanks for taking care of me through this horrible situation.
I know you are a pro but for those of us that are faced with the reality... it's scary & sad. "

Best Regards,


"I was in a position that I had exchanged on the purchase of a property and I had agreement from my ex for funding the purchase, however, after I exchanged to purchase, my ex changed his verbal agreement. I came to Watson & Watson as my daughter had received a very good outcome with understanding. Watson & Watson in a very short period of time achieved a cost effective settlement which allowed me to complete my purchase. Their experience relating to various alternatives gave me other alternatives and allowed me to conclude the finalization of the property matter with my ex and the purchase of the property in a very short period of time and to my utmost satisfaction."
-K.S  Leura


"Dear Richard,,
Many thanks for all that you have done.
It is been a fantastic result."

Thank you
Best Wishes"

-R.L Surry Hills


"I was concerned as to the costs of the process. Watson & Watson are focused on results and means by which I could provide information required which assisted in a cost effective resolution. Watson & Watson assisted in identifying the issues, alternatives and options and what was the best way to resolution."


"I went to two other solicitors and then Watson & Watson before making a decision. Watson & Watson raised issues that other solicitors had not thought of. Richard Watson explained clearly issues relating to spousal maintenance that may arise now and in the future and a method of protection from future claims. Not only did Watson & Watson deal with the immediate needs but took steps relating to protection in the future and advice in relation to estate and other matters following the break up of my relationship. I have recommended Watson & Watson for others int he unfortunate position of break up of their relationship."
-A.L Pymble

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