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Family Court Appearances

Our family lawyers regularly appear in the Family Court of Australia either when separating parties cannot reach an agreement over child custody, property settlement or spousal maintenance.

The Family Court is a specialist court that deals with cases arising out of family law, involving matrimonial causes and proceedings in relation to a child. Typical types of cases it hears include divorce proceedings, nullity or validity of marriage, divorce or annulment proceedings, maintenance agreements and proceedings concerning children.

There are also a range of dispute resolution procedures that are held within the Court. In many instances, parties will be required to undertake “pre-action” procedures, such as meetings with family counsellors or arbitration sessions, before going to court. The purpose of this is to try to get parties to resolve issues without the stress and cost of going to court.

If you are seeking representation in the Family Court, you should contact Watson & Watson Family Lawyers as soon as possible to discuss your case. Call us now on 02 9221 6121.

Sydney Duty Lists

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Sydney Duty Lists
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Our Experience with the Family Court of Australia

Due to the sensitive nature of cases heard, the operation of the Family Court is unique. There is a requirement that the court proceedings shall be informal, and there is assistance provided to all parties involved. By acting on behalf of clients in court everyday, Watson & Watson Family Lawyers are well trained in the procedures of the Court.

We can guide you through the various stages of your case, from negotiating on your behalf in pre-action procedures to advocating for you in court. Although many clients are wary of going to court, we have found that in many cases (but not all) this can help to bring negotiations to a head, enabling swift dispute resolution. We can act on your behalf in all types of family law matters, including child custody and access disputes, property settlements, and child maintenance issues.

We are very much abreast of the recent changes to the Family Law Rules, which have been put in place to encourage openness and swiftness in family law matters. We aim to obtain full disclosure of the opposing party’s assets as early as possible, in order to follow the best course of action for your matter.

Let us apply our skill and expertise to your case, and achieve the best outcome for you. Call Watson & Watson's family lawyers today on 02 9221 6121.

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Family Court Appearances Lawyers

  • Dennis Grant - Senior Family Lawyer
  • Richard Watson - Principal Family Lawyer

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