If your child/children are removed from Australia without your consent or are not returned to Australia from overseas by an agreed date what can I do?


Urgent action will be required to seek to have the return of the child/children.

If the child/children is in a country to which the Hague Convention applies then an application can be made under the Hague Convention. Pursuant to the Hague Convention there are many countries which have agreement between each other that they will abide by the laws of the country in which Orders are made. There are currently about 28 countries who are parties to the Hague Convention. An application to have your child returned is made with the assistance of the Department of Community Services which acts as the Central Authority in relation to international kidnapping actions. This Central Authority then makes contact with the appropriate Central Authority in the country from where you wish the children to be returned.

Even though your application is made through the Central Authority we can assist you in completing the necessary information and directing you through the process. There are certain criteria which must be satisfied before the application can be made and there are further requirements so that you can successfully have the return of your child/children to Australia.

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